Sasha Boldachev, harpist, St.Petersburg, Russia

The Laureate of The European Foundation for Culture PRO EUROPA - Austria, 2005
The Laureate of The Martine Geliot International Harp Competition - France, 2004
The Laureate of the Russian Presidential program "Gifted children - 2003"
The first Laureate of The International Award 'Britain's Brilliant Prodigies' - 2003
The Laureate of The UFAM International competition, Paris (France) - 2003
The Laureate of Lily Laskine International Harp Competition, Deauville (France) - 2002
The Laureate of The Harp Competition Felix Godefroid, Namur (Belgium) - 2000
The Laureate of The Vera Dulova International Harp Festival-Competition, Moscow (Russia) - 2000
The Laureate of International competitions of young composers, St.Petersburg (Russia) - 2000, 2001, 2003
The diploma of the Russian competition of the young composers "Crystal tuning-fork", Moscow - 2001

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Boldachev 2006

• I was very impressed with Sasha's extraordinary performances. He is truly an amazingly gifted young harpist. I am sure he will have a wonderful future.
Susann McDonald
Harp Department Distinguished
Professor of Music School of Music Indiana University, USA

• It was nice to meet Sasha and I was very impressed with his young musical abilities and his stage manner.
Skaila Kanga
Head of Harp Studies,
Royal Academy of Music, London.

• I have to admit, that I have never heard anybody to play like he in his age. I have been really impressed by his talent... Without any moot - his talent should be shown to the whole harp world.
Jana Bouskova
Professor of Prague Conservatory

• After listening to Alexander Boldachev, I say that I have been very impressed with his great temperament. Being so young, Sasha has already a very strong technique and a beautiful musicality that make him live deeply his music. I haven't doubt that he will be one of the great musicians of tomorrow and I wish him all the best success.
Isabelle PERRIN

• Sasha is a very talanted harpist with a big potential. His young age let forebode a great carier and I wish a good future with the development from all his musical capacities.
Isabelle Marie
Professor of Conservatoire International de Paris
Professor of Conservatoire Municipal de Paris

The youngest harpist (and composer!), Sasha Boldachev, age twelve, deftly negotiated pedals in the constant key changes of Renie's Danse des Lutins, and ended his performance with Slonimsky's Caucasian Rhapsody. Wedged between these was Elements, Rondo, one of his own compositions. Episodic, it moved toward more conventional, tonal harmonies after a strikingly dissonant beginning. An imaginative work, with a distinctly Russian aura, it came replete with percussive attacks on the soundboard. This young man will be someone to keep an eye on!.
World Harp Congress REVIEW, 2002

Daily Post
Sweet music: Harpist Sasha Boldachev kept the capacity crowd enthralled in Llangollen last night.
Tuesday, December 17, 2002


Sasha Boldachev, 1999

Sasha Boldachev, 1999

Sasha Boldachev was born in 1990
in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Special School-Lyceum of St.-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire (class of Karina Malyeeva, under direction of Prof. Asya Varosyan).
Composers class of Svetlana Lavrova.

Sasha performs in prestigious concert halls: The Great and The Chamber halls of St.Petersburg Philharmonic, The Academic Chapel, The Hermitage and The Hermitage Theater, The Yusupov Palace, The Anitshkov Palace, The St.Petersburg Conservatory and others. He has recordings on the National Russian, Great Britain, France and USA TV.


  • 2005, May, Recitals in France and in the Russian embassy in Austria (Vienna)
  • 2004, January, Recital in Paris
  • 2003, October-November, USA concert tour - NY (6 recitals, TV show), Louisiana (2 recitals)
  • 2003, September, The recital in Fossano's Castle, Italy
  • 2003, August, 2 recitals in France (Paris)
  • 2003, March, 5 recitals in France (Paris, Orlean, Tours)
  • 2002, December, Great Britain
  • 2002, August - AMEROPA, Chamber music festival, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2002, July - The 8th World Harp Congress, Focus on Youth Concerts,
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2001, April - Switzerland.
  • 2000, August - Switzerland.
  • 2000, April - Lithuania,
  • 1999, December - Switzerland,
  • 1999, April - Lithuania,


  • Debussy, Dances
    REC.: Chamber orchestra of The SPb Conservotoure, conductor Sergei Roldugin
    The Great Hall of SPb Philharmonic (Russai) [9:10, 4306 Kb, .mp3];
  • Concert for Harp with Orchestra, B dur by Handel (he played two concerts with State Orchestra of Lithuania in Congress Hall, Vilnius, 2000, April - Click Here for mp3 fragment, 1:42, 300 Kb);

  • Wagenseil, Concerto for harp,
    2 violins and double bass
    (Part II, 3:54, 1375 Kb, .mp3);
  • Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, Partita in F, Concert for Harp with Orchestra;
  • Concertino in an old style, Concert for 2 Harps with Orchestra by Malecki.
  • Concertante du Ballet de Mirza for two harps by M.Gossec
  • harp works by classical composers: Bach, Mozart, Dussek, Grandjani, Ramo, Hasselmans, Telemann, Naderman, Parish-Alvars, Posse, Renie ("Danse des lutins"
    3:50, 1356 Kb, .mp3
    ), Shpohr ("Fantasia") and others;
  • Harp works by contemporary Russian composers: Slonimsky, Below, Rogaliev, Radvilovich (written specially for him).
  • own harp works (in 2000, Match he has become the winner of the Valery Gavrilin International competition of young composers "I am composer" - I premium in younger group).

Sasha became
the Laureate of
The European Foundation for Culture PRO EUROPA

Sasha has won the First Prize and special prize for the best performing Damas pieces in The Martine Geliot International Harp Competition.

Recital in Paris.

Concert in Great (Bolshoi) Hall of SPb Philharmonic
with the Chamber orchestra
of The SPb Conservotoure,
conductor Sergei Roldugin
[Debussy, Dances]

Yuriy Temirkanov Prize 2003

Sasha became the Laureate of the Russian Presidential program "Gifted children 2003"

Sasha became the Honorary Citizen of Natchitoches (USA, Louisiana)

2003. October-November
USA concert tour:
NY (6 recitals, TV show), Louisiana (2 recitals)

The recital
in Fossano's Castle, Italy

Concert with Catherine Michel and orchestra of St.Petersburg Academic Capella (conductor Vladislav Chernushenko) in Maly Hall of St.Petersburg Philharmonic (Sasha has played Concert by Handel and Concerts for 2 Harps by Malecki and Gossek).

Sasha has received the "International Award 2003" in the annual children's awards event 'Britain's Brilliant Prodigies'.

Sasha and overall Prodigy 2002 Britain's violinist Nicola Benedetti.
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for the help in
2002 Summer trips

Connie McCall
and Benjamin Hamber
Electrospin Power-Contact International
Vegas, Nevada, USA

Vladimir Boldachev
(Sasha's grandfather)


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