Sasha Boldachev, harpist, St.Petersburg, Russia

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Sergei Slonimsky and Sasha, 1996

Sergei Slonimsky
and Sasha on children's
Christmas Festival in St.Petersburg in 1996.

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Sasha's harp compositions (mp3 and MIDI)

The Cristmas , 2002
new harp version of the last year Christmas theme (midi, 11 kB, 3:15)
The Silmarillion, 2002
suite for a flute, clarinet, cello, piano and small drum,
I [7 Kb], II [8 Kb], III [12 Kb]- midi
Christmas souvenir (midi file)

The clean river, 2001
Vocal and instrumental cycle
Ancient Chinese poets' verses
for soprano, flute, harp, piano, xylophone and bells, 7parts
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] - midi

Chinese tea-party, 2000
Congress Hall, Vilnius (Lithuania),
2000, April 13
1:10, 204 Kb, .mp3
MIDI (3 Kb)
Approach to Bagdad,1998
1:42, 251 Kb, .mp3
MIDI (3 Kb)
Hurricane and House, 1996
rec. 1997,
1:03 (245 Kb, .mp3)

first Sasha's harp composition

he has written them independently
when he was six years old.

Harp music (mp3 samples)

Debussy, Dances
rec. 2004, January 3
Chamber orchestra
of The SPb Conservotoure,
conductor Sergei Roldugin
The Great Hall of SPb Philharmonic (Russai)
9:10, 4306 Kb, .mp3
Wagenseil, Concerto for harp
rec. 2002, September 1
The Lily Laskine International Harp Competition, Deauville (France)
Part II, 3:54, 1375 Kb, .mp3
Hasselmans, Petite valse, opus 25
rec. 2002, August 31
The Lily Laskine International Harp Competition, Deauville (France)
2:48, 993 Kb, .mp3
Renie, Danse des lutins
rec. 2002, July 25
The 8th World Harp Congress
Focus on Youth Concert
Geneva, Switzerland
3:50, 1356 Kb, .mp3
Tournier, Lolita la danseuse
rec. 2002,
2:10, 770 Kb, .mp3
Hasselmans, Valse de Concert
rec. 2001, Mart 29
fragment, 1:54, 669 Kb, .mp3
Handel, Concert for Harp
with Orchestra, B dur
with State Orchestra of Lithuania,
Congress Hall, Vilnius (Lithuania)
rec. 2000, April 13
fragment, 1:42, 300 Kb, .mp3
Dussek, Sonatina
fragment, rec. 1998,
concert in The Hermitage Theater, St.Petersburg, Russia, rec. 1998,
1:25 (332 Kb, .mp3)
Ahron, Tsabel (harp) "lullaby" (1904)
violin - Fima Rozenbaum (9 years old)
Yury Temirkanov's jubilee concert inThe M.Glinka Chamber hall of St.Petersburg Philharmonic
fragment, rec. 1998,
1:29 (348 Kb, .mp3)
S. Slonimsky, "Christmas Bells" (1996)
(written specially for Sasha)
fragment, rec. 1997,
0:51 (200 Kb, .mp3)
Ramo, Rondo
fragment, Rec. 1997,
1:20 (315 Kb, .mp3)

Sasha Boldachev, 1998

The Presentation of the TV chanal "Culture" beginning of activity (concert in The Hermitage Theater, St.Petersburg, Russia, 1998)

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