Classical Music of St.Petersburg

Classical Music of St.Petersburg

Composer, Director of the International New Music Festival "SOUND WAYS"

Was born in 1955 in Leningrad. He graduated from St.Petersburg Conservatory where he studied composition under Prof. S.Slonimski then have been visited some Master-Courses in Poland, Germany, Holland where he got consultations with W.Lutoslavsky, Leeuw, P.H.Dittrich, B.Scheffer, B.Ferneyhough and others. Since 1990 regularly taken part in International workhops abroad, did lectures about the new music problems in Berlin, Salzburg, Rheinsberg and also at the Summer Courses in Darmstadt in 1992,1994. In 1989 Radvilovitch had founded an International New Music Festival "SOUND WAYS" and a year later "SOUND WAYS" Seminar for composers where he is an Art Director too. In 1992 - Diploma of Queen Mary-Jose Competition (Switzerland), in 1998 - Stamitz-Special-Prize (Germany). In 1993 had founded a Creative Association "SOUND WAYS" and in 1994 an ensemble "SOUND WAYS" for new music performing which have been giving concerts in Russia, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany. Radvilovitch is a creator of some successful exchanging projects. Since 1996 he is teaching in St.-Petersburg State Conservatory and also in Humanitarian University. His works are performing at the festivals in Russia and abroad.

TWO PSALMS (1991-1992) Nr 2 and Nr 4 from cycle "De profundis temporum" for two pianos
VARIATIONS ON A FAMOUS THEME (1998) for chamber ensemble to celebrate the jubilee of the festival.

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