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Igor Ponomarenko
domra alt,
art director of the double duet, was born 30 June 1963. He studied domra in St-Petersburg State Conservatoire, graduated in 1989. His musical career became firmly established in 1986 when in a quick succession he became a staff soloist of the “Terem quartet”, holding this position till 2000 and performed in more that 40 countries all over the world. He was nominant and a prize winner of different internationals competitions and music awards, such as “Golden Ostap” and others. He had shown early promise as a composer (author of the musical “Passions for Kashtanka”, musical theatre “Zazerkalye”, “Lady-the Peasant”, Theatre on Liteiny, some musical pieces and interpretations for double duet and the current period studying composition in St-Petersburg Conservatoire (Professor Falik class).

“It will be too simple to play Russian folk music on our instruments. I am looking for exquisite work…Sometimes useless, but sweet trinkets are more necessary for human being. And my age is very close to this music too. Silver age-it’s a music of those who are already after 30”.

Grigory Voskoboinik
double bass,
was born 17 October 1970. He studies music at St-Petersburg Conservatoire. From 1993 performing with chamber orchestra “Divertisment” (I. Ioff), played in various theatre orchestras (Symphonic Orchestra of St-Petersburg Philarmonia – Temirkanov, was concert master of double bass group in Mussorgsky Theatre of Opera and Ballet. He also played with different jazz bands performing with famous musicians and participated in jazz festivals.

“Works of Satie has refined harmonies without any strictness. It is also a-sexual music with no passion. It’s laugh through tears…But I like it… And Debussy, you could listen to his music endless like looking at the moonlight.”

Maxim Tolstych
was born 20 December 1979, now a 3d year student of St-Petersburg Conservatoire, international competition prize winner.

“Sometimes I am thinking- how could it happened… Satie, Debussy and a specific sound of my balalaika. Satie, who performed on Monmart was outstanding primitivist, minimalist, who had changed his views very often during all his life. And my balalaika-they are just the same…”

Aleksandr Matrosov
was born 20 March 1979, 4th year student of St-Petersburg Conservatoire (class of Sharov), prize winner of international competitions in Paris and Sweden.

“ We are playing music which never performed before on Russian traditional instruments. For me Satie-is tender, Debussy-philosophy. They are different, but both reflecting colourful shapes-sometimes bright, sometimes dark…”


St. Petersburg Double Duet "Ma.Gr.Ig.Al."
Director - Valery Ovcharenko, Art-director - Igor Ponomarenko
Contact detals: phone/fax - 7-812-249-53-63


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