1.Russian music of the 18th century
Composers: Bortnyansky, Khandoshkin, Trutovsky, Berezovsky, Khandoshkin.

2.Music at
the Russian Royal Court
in the 18th century

In the second half of the 18th century famouses Italien composers and musicians was invited to Russian Royal Court, one of the richest and fashionable in Europe at that time.
Chimarosa, Paisiello, Galuppi created here their best works.
Composers: Araja, Galuppi, Manfredini, Galuppi, Bortnyansky, Khandoshkin, Chimarosa, Galuppi, Paisiello, Madonis, Martin y Soler.

3.Sherzi musicali
Composers: Schmelzer, Bach, Biber, Monteverdi, Walter, Farina.

4.The golden age
of Italien music

In this program you will hear not only well-known works by Vivaldi, but also rarely performed works by his predecessors - flavorfull and easy-listening.
Composers: Ucellini, Marini, Stradella, Frescobaldi, Marini, Monteverdi, Ucellini, Pergolesi, Vivaldi, Pandolfi.

5.Flow my tears
Most touching and expressive genre of baroque music is concentrated in this program featured with such highlights as Aria of Dido by Purcell and "Lamento della Ninfa" by Monteverdi. This program is possible to combine with program #3 ( Sherzi musicali ) one half of each under the name "Contrasts in Baroque music".
Composers: Schmelzer, Monteverdi, Froberger, Dowland, Van Eyck, Dowland, Biber, Shopp, Purcell.

6.Music at the Lois XIV Court
In France at the time of Lois XIV take place a blossoming of musical culture. At that time French composers create a masterpieces of Baroque music.
Composers: Lully, Forquerey, Boismortier, Marais, Monteclair.

7.German music before J.S.Bach
Music by J.S.Bach was born after preperation by generation of prominent German composers in 17th century. Some of them in present time was forgeted without reason.
Composers: Pachelbel, Buxtechude, Biber, Buxtechude, Schutz.

8.Music of Passion Friday
Composers: Caldara, Bach, Biber, Teleman, Caldara.

9.An evening at the Opera
A rare possibility to hear in one program operatic arias from the best European and Russian operas from early 17th to the begining of 19th centuries. At this concert you will realize, how interesting and dramatic was the history of opera, from its origin (Orfeo by Monteverdi) to the culmination point in the end of the 18th century.
Composers: Monteverdi, Luigi Rossi, Blow, Purcell, Handel, Vivaldi, Berezovsky, Bortnyansky.

Concert-lecture "Nature in Music"
This concert will give to the children in very simple understandable form an opportunity to realize the roots of music in the nature, which surround us.
Composers: Marini, Van Eyck, Boismortier, Lock, Biber, Walter, Bach, Rameau, Farina.

Classical Music of St.Petersburg


Music programms
MP3 Music



Dmitry Bortnyansky
Concerto for harpsichord and strings D-major
fragment 4:09, mp3,
1465 Kb

Dmitry Bortnyansky
Aria from opera "ALKID" (live recording)
3:06, mp3, 1096 Kb

Antonio Vivaldi
"Folia" variations for two violins and basso continuo
(live recording)
fragment 1:54, mp3,
677 Kb