Two First Prizes (male and female vocals) - 7 000 USD each
Two Second Prizes (male and female vocals) - 5 000 USD each
Two Third Prizes (male and female vocals) - 3 000 USD each

Special Diplomas and Awards
For the best performance of Tchaikovsky's romance - 1 000 USD
For the best performance of Rakhmaninov's romance - 1 000 USD
For the best performance of the German Lied - 1 000 USD
For the best performance of a XX composer's work - 1 000 USD

Two Diplomas "The Best Accompanist of the Competition" and Award - 1 000 USD each
Special Prize of Elena Obraztsova -
Special Prize of Valery Gergijev - The Debut on the Mariinsky's Stage

State and public organisations, artistic unions, companies, and mass-media are free to award special prizes upon the agreement with the Organising Committee of the Competition.
The prizes are paid: to foreign laureats - in US Dollars, to Russian laureats - in the rouble equivalent according to the Central bank of Russia currency exchange rate on the date of payment.
The Jury has the right to refrain from awarding a prize.
The decisions of the Jury are not subjected to variation.