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The ensemble was found in 1992 by the graduates
from Saint-Petersburg Music College attached
to Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory and Theatre Academy.
All eight members combine their work in a choir
and the work in different music and drama theatres
of S. Petersburg.

"Peacock's feather" has great success among citizens
and guests of our city. The performances of the ensemble take place
on the best chamber and concert stages, in the museums and palaces
of St.Petersburg. The ensemble gives special preference
to Russian sacred choral music, but in the repertoire there is
as well western European chamber choral music
(barocco and romantic style), adaptations of popular classical works
and modern works with our own arrangement ("Beatles", Gershwin etc.)
and also typical russian folksongs.

The members of our choir have good voices but they can also act
and dance well. That is why we make theatre performance
with vocal music. Some of the members sing different kind
of romances with guitar and piano.

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