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Alexander Lvovich

1803, September 3
1858, September 11

Alexandre Guriliov was born in 1803 in the family of a serf musician in Moscow. His father, the composer and conductor Lev Guriliov, was for many years the director of the serf orchestra of Count Orlov, considered by one of the best orchestras in Russia.

Alexandre began to study music under the direction of his father and from his earliest years played in the orchestra on violin and viola. But Guriliov's favourite instrument was the piano, on which he played superbly from childhood. In 1831 the Guriliov family had ceased to be serfs, receiving their freedom. From now on Alexandre composed a great deal and played in concerts, being considered as one of the best pianists in Moscow.

From the beginning of the 1840's Guriliov was famous a composer of popular songs and romances. He published the collection "47 Selected National Songs", which are still performed by outstanding singers now. Alexandre Guriliov lived a poor and difficult life and died in 1858 in Moscow after a serious mental illness.

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