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Russian classical romances (art songs, lied)

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Pianist and producer musical programs
International competition diploma
Professor, Chair of Chamber Ensemble and Accompaniment
at the St.Petersburg Conservatory

IRINA SHARAPOVA was born in 1951. She graduated from the Conservatory with diplomas in Piano (with Prof. Lysenko, now leading professor at the Toronto University Music Department) and in Chamber Ensemble (with Prof. Fondaminskaya). She completed her postgraduate study in Chamber Ensemble with leading professors of that discipline.


Since 1981 Mrs. Sharapova has been teaching Chamber Ensemble and Accompaniment at the St.Petersburg Conservatory. Now her class is one of the largest - 26 students, among whom are guests from Europe and Korea. Many graduates of Ms Sharapova's class are now with musical theaters and concert companies of St.Petersburg, and in North America, Israel, Germany and Poland.


Along with teaching, Mrs. Sharapova concertizes, and this activity is intensive and diversified. She performs with renowned Petersburg musicians in prestigious concert halls and with most diversified programs including hundreds of pieces, from ancient European and Russian music to contemporary composers. The Russian vocal classics is the core of Ms Sharapova's concert activity.

Irina Sharapova and Nikolai Putilin,
in The Chamber Hall of SPb Pfilharmonic, 04/2004.

Irina Sharapova is the producer and main performer of the subscription series of music events entitled Russian Musical Culture of the 18th- 20th Centuries. As musicologist, she also delivers lectures on the Russian musical culture at the concerts of the series.

As recital pianist, Mrs. Sharapova plays piano works by contemporary composers (Slonimsky, Arapov, Below, Belimov, Voronina) and often is their premier performer.


Mrs. Sharapova has recordings on the Russian Radio and TV. In addition to pedagogical and concerting activities, Mrs. Sharapova closely collaborates with music publishers. Jointly she is now preparing for publication a series entitled The Golden Repertoire of a Vocalist and consisting of 100 note albums of popular classical vocal music.

Coaching sessions and Consultations

Irina Sharapova has great experience of teaching. She conduct master classes, coaching sessions and consultations for pianists, singers and any ensemble musicians. The musicians considerably improve skills during several lessons.

"In three sessions during a brief visit to St. Petersburg, Irena helped me gain a good understanding of Russian diction while considerably refining my interpretation of three Russian songs. She also has a keen understanding of vocal production, presumably from years of working with master teachers. Beyond all of that, she has a passion for music and learning that was viseral and contributed immeasurably to the experience. I can enthusiastically recommend her to singers of any level of competence." (Steve Bryant, countertenor, USA)

For more informaton about Coachings and Consultations please e-mail to isharapova [a]


The music Festival and
Competitions of Vocal and piano douets

2003, 2004

Irina is art-director
of the Festival.

Anthology of Russian Classical Romance

Especially noticeable among the concerts of the last years is her unique effort carried out together with her partner baritone Andrei SLAVNY, prize winner of international competitions. It is Anthology of Russian Classical Romance, a cycle of 27 concerts encompassing actually all important vocal pieces of the Russian chamber classics of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Sergei Slonimsky (composer)
Andrei Slavny (baritone)
Irina Sharapova

Russian Virtuosi Project

The Russian Virtuosi Project is a new musical team, created by the known Petersburg's musicians: Alina Boguk, Tatiyana Kostyanaya and Irina Sharapova. The trio is unique by the instruments and by repertoire. The combination of national instruments - Russian domras or Italian mandolins - and a classical piano gives surprising effect [CD, MP3].

Russian Virtuosi Project
Alina Boguk (Domra, Mandolin)
Irina Sharapova (Piano)
Tatiyana Kostyanaya (Domra, Mandolin)

Two centuries of Russian Classical Romance

Irina Sharapova is a Music Director of new unique project Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance. The project is intended to present the remarkable phenomenon of world culture - Russian classical romance (Art Song, Lied). Classical music lovers around the world will get acquainted with popular and unknown chamber vocal masterpieces of Russian composers from the beginning of XIX - end XX centuries. Now she has recorded three CDs in this project.

CD The first CD of the Project -
Only Masterpieces shows the results of the development of Russian classical chamber vocal music through two centuries, in which the Russian Soul is most fully expressed. This CD is filled with nostalgia for the great past of Russia and with hope for its' revival [mp3, Real audio].


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