Music is my life and my passion, it is my heart. I remember myself as a little child when I was sitting under the mother's bed with my arms round the cover from the gramophone record with 9th Symphony, Beethoven, and with the lid from the old record-player. Its upper part served as a loud speaker at the same time. It was the most severe punishment for me - impossibility to listen to music.

I was lucky when I could visit a Theatre: from Puppet Show to Opera and Ballet. The sight of any theatre curtain hiding the mystery of scenic life delighted me already before beginning of the act - some hidden feeling that some day I do appear over this part of the scene.

I have studied much in my life: it was Cappella, it was Ballet-School, it was secondary school attached to the Conservatoire in the class of Trombone. Later it was Conservatoire and Post-Graduate Study and the defense of post-graduate thesis as a Candidate of Fine Arts.

Music has always helped me to overcome those troubles and barriers, which I met in my life. Music comforted me, gave me warm during my "coldest" days - a difficult yesterday was going away and a new morning brought some music fragment and I was sure that these troubles are not those, which could make me hopeless.Real magic effect of Music gave me strength in any difficult situation, showed me the way from any stress.

ůSo, I am Her debtor! I am due to Music by the highest standards. And all rest of my life I dream to give my debts back to Music, to give back everything I took from it, took with my trembling heart, with lump in the throat, with tears from inexplicable catharsis before the fact of tremendous inanity to understand this mystery called Music.